Life Leadership 

It is stating the obvious that every parent wants to create the best family environment for their children and that most people are concerned about their contribution to the world.  But these are as much leadership challenges as directing a large multi-national and directly affect infinitely more people. Fortunately the empirical analysis of what makes leaders effective can be used as a prompt to make us all more effective.  Effective leaders tend to display:

Conceptual Competencies such as Critical Analysis and Judgement; Effective Intelligence; Vision and Imagination; Innovation; - needed to get the picture - i.e. they have the head for it (whatever 'it' may be)

Aligning Competencies such as Forward Planning; Resources Management; Developing; Controlling; - needed to focus controllable activities - i.e. they can 'get a grip' 

Interactive Competencies such as Influence; Interpersonal Sensitivity; Engaging Communication; Openness; - needed to work with and through people - i.e. they can engage the heart 

Success Creating Competencies such as Motivation; Emotional Resilience; Self Efficacy;
Self Awareness; - needed to habitually deliver results - i.e. they have 'the legs' for it

How is your life leadership?